Webinar: How can AI tackle the liquidity issue?

Webinar: How can AI tackle the liquidity issue?

12 June 2023

Webinar – July 11th 

Liquidity in real estate – what are we talking about? And what does AI has to do with it? 

Liquidity measures the rate at which an asset can be purchased or sold at a price reflecting its current value. In the case of real estate, it has low liquidity compared to other types of assets as it takes time to sell, requires a large amount of documentation, and can’t be converted to cash quickly. 

So how can we tackle the liquidity issue?  (Spoiler alert: data is the key element here).

Watch the replay of our webinar to discover how you can tackle liquidity with AI and handle your asset(s) data efficiently with a ready-to-sell data room.

Liquidity has always been a real issue for the industry with long sales processes and important requirements in terms of documentation. 

One of the main challenges appears to be the data room setup. Or simply know what data you have at hand. This is where technology comes in, with AI solutions able to fast-track 99% of this process and support real estate investors and asset managers in their ability to accelerate the trade of real estate. 


  • by collecting, classifying, and sorting documents automatically
  • reducing the time-to-market of an asset
  • alerting on missing data and documents to facilitate arbitration

Discover the benefits of Stonal – a ready-to-sell data room, using AI to sort through and classify all your assets’ data.

What you will learn during this webinar:

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • how can real estate tackle liquidity with AI
  • how to handle your asset(s) documentation efficiently
  • how to streamline the process with a ready-to-sell data room

⌛ 20 minutes webinar followed by a Q&A

👉 Watch the replay

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