Stonal supports LandAid and joined its partners’ network

Stonal supports LandAid and joined its partners’ network

23 May 2023

It’s a UK charity dedicated to supporting disadvantaged and homeless young people. Founded in 1986, LandAid works in partnership with the real estate industry to mobilize resources, funds and skills to positively impact the lives of vulnerable youth. In the UK, nearly 280,000 people are considered homeless, including over 110,000 young people.
Its primary goal is to provide access to safe and affordable housing for homeless youth. The organization works with local charities to fund housing, support and training projects throughout the UK. They support initiatives such as building youth shelters, renovating housing and offering job training programs. The charity also strives to create opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the real estate industry. They offer scholarships, internships and mentoring programs to help young people develop their skills and access careers in the sector.

A positive impact

LandAid acts as a catalyst to encourage the real estate industry to become socially involved by donating time, skills and funds. The organization organizes a variety of events and fundraising initiatives to engage the real estate industry and raise awareness about the issue of housing for the most disadvantaged youth. Overall, LandAid is an organization committed to making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth by working closely with the real estate industry to provide safe housing, support and employment opportunities.

Stonal and LandAid

By joining the LandAid organization as part of its CSR strategy, Stonal commits to raise funds annually for the organization. This collection can be done through LandAid events or internal fundraising events. All funds will support LandAid’s work to address youth homelessness.


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