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Stonal provides an AI-powered platform to better leverage Real Estate data.

Stonal is Europe’s leading AI-powered SaaS platform for real estate data management.

It automatically collects, structures, classifies and analyzes all your data, whether it comes from documents, plans or external sources. The platform guarantees its reliability for optimal real estate management tailored to your business needs.

IA liquidity

Preserve the value of your portfolio with quality data.

Protect the constant liquidity of your assets.

Secure your ESG trajectory with better control of the source data.

Reduce regulatory risks with constant data monitoring.

The specialist of real estate data.

sqm of Commercial Real Estate
1 millions
residential units
customers in Europe
100 +
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ESG maker
real estate

The free tool to manage your ESG labelling processes.

Turn your data into value.

Get to know your property portfolio thanks to complete and accurate data.

With Stonal AI-powered SaaS platform, use data-driven insights for better decision-making and grow your properties’ value and liquidity.

They trust us.

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