About us

About us.

Our story.

Founded in 2017, Stonal continues to evolve. 

In an increasingly complex real estate market (tertiary sector decree, net zero commitment, change of use, rental vacancy, interest rates…), it is necessary to know the buildings in their entirety: use, technology, values… As all real estate assets will have to be rethought, and office assets in particular, arbitration and repositioning will become more frequent.

Stonal’s mission, with La Place de l’immobilier, is to help professionals make the right decisions about their properties, whatever their nature, thanks to easy access to exhaustive and reliable data on all their dimensions (economic, technical and financial).

This is a credible value proposition, because Stonal and the Place are capable of processing:

  • Public data / Private data
  • Commercial real estate data / Residential real estate data
  • Data useful for transactions / Data required for technical and financial management

Our story.

150 employees with varied profiles

Developers, architects, engineers, operations and maintenance experts and more.


Robin Rivaton


Laurent Flandin

Deputy CEO

Magguy Bodin


Bruno Fiastre

VP Sales

Jean-Yves Bresson

Head of Development

Raphaëlle Ravatin


Cyril Pham-Le


Jérémie Thomas


Oscar Thorne

Head of sales UK


Michel Tolila


Jean-Maurice Oudot

Deputy CEO

Our CSR commitments.

At Stonal, we are convinced that sustainable development is the key to long-term economic and social success. CSR therefore plays a key role in Stonal’s growth strategy.

Numerous actions are implemented on a daily basis, including the following:

  • Practice of green code (a responsible coding method that focuses on the essentials, reducing the use of resources)
  • Encouraging recycling and the use of alternative modes of transport
  • Reducing employee travel by remote work
  • Equal opportunities for all employees
  • A culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • Support for local initiatives and charities

Stonal, a partner of

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