\\ Digitised assets.

The need to have a complete and spatial description of portfolios becomes the foundation of the strategy of value-creation in real estate management.
Digitizing buildings in BIM language (Building Information Modelling) makes it possible to quickly take inventory in the form of a precise and structured database ready for management – operation – maintenance. Components, equipment, spaces are spatialized within a digital model of the building, its avatar.

Key features.

With the implementation of digitized building information. It is possible to:

Create queries (number of components or equipments, type of space, height, etc.)

Link documents with graphic information

Geolocated information to easily update and share them

More effectively share asset’s knowledge and their architectural, technical, functional and rental structure

Data transversal view
The platform allows the same data to be viewed in different graphical or non-graphical forms. Several degrees of plan digitalisation can co-exist for a transversal vision of the data:

Alphanumeric repository

2D dynamic


Technical information.

Stonal’s platform is fully compatible with BIM construction formats. BIM models are saved into the database to preserve guarantees.
Then, the digital model is transformed for management - operation - maintenance (BIM GEM), and becomes an integral part of the real estate database.

Stonal's platform is IFC compatible.
Stonal complies with the ISO 16739 standard

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