Capex Plan

Capex Plan

\\ Pathway to net zero carbon.

While today only 70% of Capex plan lines are spent, it becomes essential to have a perfect knowledge of its real costs in order to face maintenance and energy renovation needs.

You are looking for:

Know your real costs.

Gain insight into your current and future operational costs and expenses through predictive analytics. Plan your future expenses by following the platform's recommendations (CAPEX plan).

Plan routine maintenance.

Easily manage your multi-year maintenance plans on a single platform, track costs and have a clear view of all upcoming maintenance work.​

Actualised price lists

Compare the prices of your suppliers with those of the market, evaluate your expenses for the coming years and have a clear vision of your investment expenses.

Compare and consolidate.

Compare the costs of your assets, efficiently plan all your maintenance work and consolidate your expenditures for all your assets.

How does it work?

Reporting of data
- routine maintenance operations
- ESG action plans
- components and equipments
Suggestion of multi-year maintenance plans
Simulation of work operations
Budget monitoring and customised dashboards
Link to pricing data
Internal validation process
Creation, modification, validation and monitoring of the multi-year maintenance plans
Benchmark of assets

Our pricing for CAPEX plan features.


from 499€ / asset* / year

from 999€ / asset* / year
Retrieval of graphic information
Automatic creation of multi-year maintenance plans
Integration of budgetary and schedule constraints
Validation process
Consolidation of maintenance plans
Link with ESG tool
Link with the Compliance tool
Past data archiving (up to 3 years)
Action plan recommendations

* Caveat: commercial real estate pricing for assets from 1,000 to 5,000 sqm, with up to 10 tenants. Public sector, contact us. 

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