Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

\\ Real estate data lake.

Gather all your data in one central storage repository in a Cloud Platform. Collect data from all sources, be it documents, plans or coming from your ERP.

Buildings generate a lot of data and making it easily accessible constitutes an important tool to improve performance.
Stonal’s platform transforms data from various sources into a homogeneous, dynamic, quality-enhanced, interoperable, ready-to-analyze and BIM-compatible database. It easily interfaces with existing tools and can be used for future applications.

Cloud Data Platform key features.

Stonal web platform is based on an architecture for consolidating and sharing real estate data that must meet challenges: volume, multiplicity of data sources, management of data quality, maintenance of data in operational condition.


Able to process a big quantity of data, for example in the case of connected buildings or IoT


Process data in a speedly manner so you can make data driven decisions, based on accurate data


Mix data coming from diverse sources: models, rent documents, ERP, contracts, etc.

The cloud platform allows you to:

  • consolidate data in large volumes (over 1 million data changes per day).
  • host important assets for major players and focuses on scalability.
  • manage the history of incoming information and ensure the traceability of repository data.

Tech Stack

Platform developed in-house

by our team of developers (fullstack developers)

proprietary datalake

Stonal developed its own datalake to reduce the risk of data replicate and offer a scalable solution.


handled with PostGreSQL, MongoDB and Oracle (allows the integration of large volumes of data)

Cloud storing on Kubernetes & Docker Cloud

ensures responsiveness, scalability and speed of deployment


We guarantee a platform availability of 99,9%. The architecture implemented meets scalability requirements to ensure a high level of service.

Our platform is hosted on certified servers in France, working with cloud providers whose data centers are ISO 27001:2013 and CSA STAR Level 2 certified.

The ISO/IEC 27002:2013 standard provides a framework for organizational standards relating to information security and good information security management practices:
• Classification of information
• Procedures relating to classified information
• Communication of information
• Information encryption
• Security incident management
• Use of systems
• Network Security
• User access management
• Application security.

Our services are deployed in the Cloud within our private network with an ISO 27001 certified service provider

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