\\ Get ready for the era of Smart Data.

WIth an increasing number of financial, legal or technical information needing to be processed, analysed and shared between departments, the consolidation and management of real estate information are becoming more and more strategic.

The production of real estate performance indicators, SRI, ESG or environmental labels, always requires more information on the buildings and the automation of data workflows, i.e. the reporting and processing of information.

Key features.

Make centralising and processing your data easier.

Extract, Transform and Load is the gateway to add data into Stonal’s repository and make an impact for your organization.

This process by which data is aggregated, extracted, translated and then loaded into a target location allows users to quickly connect to customer platforms and integrate their data, in an understandable way.

Speed up your decision-making.

With the aim of facilitating and accelerating decision-making, Stonal offers personalised Business Intelligence interfaces so organisations can have consolidated, and shareable reportings.
Each customer can have personalised dashboards.

Unify your existing and future information systems.

Stonal uses public Application Programming Interfaces to have applications communicating between one another. The APIs allow the unified real estate data repository to transmit structured, qualified data to various stakeholders at any time.