Data room

Data room

\\ Preserve the liquidity of your assets.

With access to complete and automatically updated documents, secure the liquidity of your assets over time.

You are looking for:

Finally, a complete database.

With all your assets digitalized into a single quality process, have an accurate view on all your assets (including plans, documents, ERP files, etc) and efficiently manage your portfolio.

Always up-to-date.

Empower your teams with accurate data, automatically checked, corrected and updated by a powerful AI technology. Always have the correct data at hand. .

No missing data.

Arbitrate faster and reduce the holding period and time at which assets are brought to market by knowing what your have at hands and which data is currently missing.

Involve all your stakeholders.

Open authorized and secured accesses for your stakeholders to visualize the data they need to perform. .

How does it work?

Mass import of folders or files, and scanning
Drag & Drop process
Extraction of metadata
From documents, rent contracts, clauses, etc.
Analysis of inconsistencies
Monitoring of outdated documents and data conflits
Automatic document recognition and indexation
Up to 300 document classes known by the technology
Automated analysis of document completeness
Monitoring of actual and missing documents
Shareable notarized dataroom
Permanent real estate dataroom, "ready to sell'

Pricing plan Data room.


from 1199€ / asset* / year

from 1499€ / asset* / year

from 2199€ / asset* / year
Continuous collection of documents
Optical character recognition (OCR)
Automatic AI filing, renaming and storage
Extraction of metadata
Automatic reading
Quality analysis reporting: completeness – freshness – conflict
Help desk
Monitoring of filing and retrieval by document referent
Handling of rejects and duplicates
Assignment and monitoring of tasks
Creation, monitoring and optimisation of alerts
Conflict resolution

* Caveat: commercial real estate pricing for assets from 1,000 to 5,000 sqm, with up to 10 tenants. Public sector, contact us. 

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