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The first free ESG evaluation module!

Take back control of your ESG rating process for your real estate assets and easily create your campaigns, with reliable and controlled data.

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Use process

Improve performance and reliability with simplified collection and pre-filling of evaluation forms.

1. Prepare

Analyse the different strengths of your campaign according to areas, themes and indicators.

2. Collect

Collect data and then complete, qualify and publish your ESG forms.

3. View

Analyse and compare your results between your published assets.

The ESG Maker application is compliant for the SRI label

Pricing plans.

from 1499€ / active / year
from 499€ / asset* / year
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Creation of the building repository
Management of campaigns
Customised scoring grids
Customised indicators
Collection forms
Consolidation and automatic scoring
Standard ESG reporting
Definition / monitoring of objectives and action plans
Archive and trajectory analysis
Attachment of supporting documents
Auto suggestions and pre-filling of forms
Premium reporting
Help desk

* Caveat: tertiary-type asset from 1,000 to 5,000 sqm, with up to 10 tenants. Public sector, contact us. 

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