Optimize your real estate assets.

Digitizing your real estate assets in BIM object language makes it possible to gain reliable and structured knowledge. Digital plans and models provide a complete and dynamic spatial description of the asset to facilitate its management, operation, and maintenance.

You are looking for:

Reliable and automated surfaces.

Get access to reliable surface areas and automatic queries by surface area type (SUB, SUN, SHOB, SHAB, etc.) by digitizing your assets' models.

Enriched information related to the equipment.

It becomes possible to extract information by type of components and equipment on your assets or portfolios (number of elevators by brand and contracts, etc.)

Spatialized data and documents.

Geolocalize your data and documents with BIM models to better contextualize, understand and share them.

An up-to-date representation of your assets.

Having a graphical representation of your assets makes it easier to manage them. With Stonal's EDIT application, update the information directly on site.

How does it work?

Collection and sorting of documents by type
DOE (by technical bodies, by dates, ...)
Modeling of the operating model based on 2D plans
Selection and spatialization of components and equipment
Import of construction models via Revit's plugin
Revit, IFC formats
Reconciliation of BIM information with Stonal's meta library
Enrichment of attributes related to components and equipment

\\ Pricing plans.


from 499€ / asset* / year

from 1499€ / asset* / year
from 1999€ / asset* / year
Automatic analysis of available plans
Heritage digitization monitoring
2D plan viewer
3D plan viewer
Access to the meta library
Updating of plans via Revit or CAD plugin
Mobile application to edt plans (Edit)
Automatic update by purchases (if plugin)
On-site reliability prioritization tool
Integration of pins in Edit
Reliability visits on site (once a year)

* Caveat: commercial real estate pricing for assets from 1,000 to 5,000 sqm, with up to 10 tenants. Public sector, contact us. 

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