\\ Optimise the return of your portfolio.

As interest rates rise, the pressure on ROI (Return on Investment) and on asset managers increases. Stonal supports you in increasing the return of your assets and ensuring their profitability.

You are looking for:

More visibility on your Opex.

Get a complete view of your operating expenses, such as landlord and tenant charges, to optimise the performance of your assets.

Predictive analysis of savings lines.

With AI-generated predictions of future expenses and work, take an active approach to maintenance and preventive management.

Avoiding hidden costs.

Each cost and expense is visible and can be compared building by building to identify areas for savings and pooling of purchases or services.

Ensuring fair distribution of costs.

Optimise your return on investment, both on taxes and expenses, to better allocate expenses between owners and tenants, and improve your profitability.

How does it work?

Automatic reading of contracts and invoices
Connection with your ERP to monitor the results
Suggestions of saving actions
Matching of contracts and invoices
Benchmark analysis and understanding of the average deviation

Pricing plan.


from 499€ / asset* / year

from 999€ / asset* / year
Contract analysis
Matching of contracts and invoices
Property / Office tax optimisation
Asset comparison and benchmark
Action plans
Retrievability analysis
Personal support and quarterly follow-up

* Caveat: commercial real estate pricing for assets from 1,000 to 5,000 sqm, with up to 10 tenants. Public sector, contact us. 

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