Tackle real estate’s liquidity challenge with AI

Tackle real estate’s liquidity challenge with AI

12 July 2023

How AI can tackle the liquidity challenge?

Liquidity has always been a real issue for the industry. The industry requires more responsiveness but it is facing several challenges, such as economic challenges, the pressure of ESG, and fierce competition.

So it leaves one question: what role can technology play here? And more specifically, artificial intelligence.

AI is currently the word of the town, with numerous applications and benefits, for every industry including real estate asset management. And those adopting AI-powered solutions to facilitate asset management processes will gain a competitive advantage.

How will they do so?

Assets are producing thousands of documents, scattered across various sources, sometimes incomplete or missing. Data that needs to stay accurate and up-to-date at all times. When you come to sell an asset with incomplete data, it could take up to 16 weeks to build a data room and collect all the needed information.

And this is where technology comes into play to support asset managers and asset owners in their ability to accelerate the trade of real estate assets.

Employees spend on average 30% of the week looking for data to then build proposals based on the data they have been looking for. An AI-powered solution like Stonal can fast-track 99% of this process by automating the collection, classification and extraction of data.

To discover how AI can tackle the liquidity challenge and learn more about Stonal’s AI-powered data room, watch the replay of our webinar.

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