AI in Real Estate: one step at a time.

AI in Real Estate: one step at a time.

23 March 2023

AI in Real Estate: challenges and opportunities are arising quickly

Artificial Intelligence is currently trending with several models making the news but can it be applied to Commercial Real Estate? 

  • How should an AI be trained, what are the limits, … 
  • How will it change asset management or what will be the impact of technology to attract and retain new talents?

With its scalability and access to real-time resources, Artificial Intelligence coupled with cloud infrastructure appears to be a leading factor of innovation in the Real Estate Industry.

Let’s talk about how AI could take over real estate in the near future.

Conference held at the MIPIM in Cannes, the world’s leading real estate market event.

With Robin Rivaton, CEO of Stonal and Sébastien Chémouny, Head of France at Pimco Prime Real Estate, two seasoned professionals who have in-depth knowledge of strategic topics the tertiary real estate market.

Video in French with English subtitles available.

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